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The Feast Day Is Fast Approaching

This prose poem/flash fiction, entitled “Feast Day,” from my book The Green Monk (Boiler House Press 2018), is about the anticipation of the feast day. There are many feast days. You can create your own. Leonora Carrington and Salvador Dali liked to mix surrealism and food. It is a good

Creative Impermanence Studio

I am teaching an online class, in March 2020, for the The Poetry School in London. The nature of life is change and clinging to the illusion of permanence often leads to suffering, of one kind or another, but rather than anxiety, this life, full of change, can become a

Forgetful Numbers by Vasko Popa

A fairy tale for numbers by the poet Vasko Popa. Terrific nighttime reading.


by Aimé Césaire (trans. Mary Ann Caws).


Except from Paris Peasant, by Louis Aragon. A French surrealist classic. Pg.55-56. English translation by Simon Watson Taylor.


From book of stories in progress. This one is called “A Mask of Rubber Bands.”

Selection from The Spirit of the Bathtub

The Spirit of the Bathtub is a limited edition book available until 1st June 2019

From Altazor by Vicente Huidobro

A small sample from Vicente Huidobro’s Altazor. So much magic. It is easy to get lost in there. The best kind of traveling. (Painting: Miguel Hernadez. Music: Minor Victories. Reading: Marcus Slease)


“A part wants to break away from the other part. The part that wants to break away claims a different culture. How many cultures make the whole. Who are the true people from the part that wants to break away and the true people from the part that believes in

Reading of Wild Man

Are you feeling wild. Beepers were wild, especially on studly belts, in the 1990s, in Southern Utah. Here is a studly poem. From my most recent book, The Green Monk (Boiler House Press). (image: Nancy Baker, ‘Wild Man’)

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