The Feast Day Is Fast Approaching

This prose poem/flash fiction, entitled “Feast Day,” from my book The Green Monk (Boiler House Press 2018), is about the anticipation of the feast day. There are many feast days. You can create your own. Leonora Carrington and Salvador Dali liked to mix surrealism and food. It is a good mix. This prose poem is only in anticipation of the food slash surreal feast. It is part of the uncanny part of surrealism, since zapiekanki are not at all surreal, they are very common, and also very good. This flash fiction/prose poem was written a few Christmas’s ago. Near the old horse stalls, at a famous roundabout of zapiekanki in Kazimierz, the old Jewish quarter in Krakow.

Creative Impermanence Studio

I am teaching an online class, in March 2020, for the The Poetry School in London. The nature of life is change and clinging to the illusion of permanence often leads to suffering, of one kind or another, but rather than anxiety, this life, full of change, can become a source of joy and wonder. Nomadic surrealism, with its emphasis on journeying between worlds, without clinging to a fixed position, is also a source of change and wonder, seeing the so called banal and everyday as full of mystery, if we can just attend to it with fresh eyes, a beginner’s mind. This studio course will be a journey, together, through change, loss, joy, and wonder. Come join us, wherever you are in the world, the more the merrier.


“A part wants to break away from the other part. The part that wants to break away claims a different culture. How many cultures make the whole. Who are the true people from the part that wants to break away and the true people from the part that believes in the whole.| My flash fiction, Jitters, at Litro today. Chosen for Flash Fiction Friday.

(image: Frank Moth)