Monday 5th September 2016

My new phone is coming today. A motorola. Not elegant. Simple. But should get the job done. I mean, I should be able to use Tuenti app and make calls and texts (if needed). I hardly ever text or call, only Ewa, and Chris G in the past. Part hermit. I am not sure when the new phone will come but supposedly in the morning. I hope there are not many cultural barriers. I mean language barriers.

Something just flew down my neck. The cockroaches have freaked us out. Reading and reading about German roaches. We haven’t seen any for a day. Usually one or two at night. Think the poison is working. But now I just read that they are hard to control in commercial buildings (e.g. this big apartment complex). So . .  clean up water. Keep it dry. And also clean up food bits. And how long to keep out poison gel? I am not sure. The instructions came in Spanish. I need to look that up now.

OK reapplied the dupont gel and watched videos of cockroach swarms. Looked up when phone is supposed to arrive. It says En Camino. It’s on its way.

Found a very lively spider in the cupboard when applying dupont gel. Managed to get it out the window on paper towel. I think.

It is strange to think how we moved from N.Ireland then England and then to big culture shock of Las Vegas. I mean there were lots of critters there. In Las Vegas. And snakes etc. And of course, being 11 almost 12, it didn’t matter to me. I wonder how my mum felt? She doesn’t seem so bothered now. But yeah. I remember my mum being freaked out by the bugs. I don’t remember cockroaches. Of course I saw them. But I don’t remember them in the house.

I think it is much harder living in a commercial building (apartment building). Harder to get rid of them. But then ditto with restaurants etc. And we eat in restaurants. Best to do what needs to be done. And then move on.

I need to sort out grading for thinkwave and my new classes. Later I need to go in. Not sure when I am supposed to mark the ESL placement tests? Still need to sign my contract. Yadda yadda. Hopefully all will come together. I gotta get my head back into teaching eventually. So many teachers feel this. Can I still teach? It should all come back. I do want to keep interested in my subject. Keep it interesting for me and it is more likely to be interesting for students. Also, remember what I remember as a student. Not much. I am sure some of it just sunk in. But I mostly remember the experiences. The desire to learn. Some books  I read. So yeah. What will my students remember in the future? Maybe some skills they acquired that have become reflexive/intuitive. And some experiences/feelings. Education has become so tied to the marketplace and neo-liberal capitalist ideology. I hope I can create a creative and interesting life environment for my students. And me too, of course.
I think just tap tapping away and not worrying about if it is literature is what i need what now. I mean, I need to find a way to tap into myself. Or selves. Shit. What is a self? I dunno. Something I think might be in there. Oh captain my captain.
We are on first floor. Not the ground floor. The ground floor would be worse. But next time a high floor would be best. Also we are already feeling cramped. How did that happen. We were in a rush. We had to find a place quick. Still, not a bad place. Just, of course, feeling we could have gotten something better. Isn’t that the game. Something better. Something more.

Should I try to take a crap or wait for the phone delivery. I don’t wanna be on the crapper. Also need to sweep and mop and clean my flip flops. Wonder how Ewa is doing. Her first day with children. OK. Take a crap. Read some Wind up Bird by Murakami. Chill. Mister worry pants. Chill.

Spanish vowel drills. I am trying to make my vowel sounds short crisp and pure. I think it is easier since I haven’t lived in the U.S. for a long time. My vowels are gotten crisper. Short, crisp, and pure. Hm.


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