mesh ups

The gym is the best way to combat wet and damp England. Now I can think. Reading Paul Legault’s The Other Poems today while watching John Wayne’s old California. I like the man with a toothache who is tamed by a woman who shoots her laundry off the line. There is a lot of play with gender in those old flicks. The new flicks often have similar themes in terms of gender and romance. Interesting how very little has changed. Will do a mesh-up of John Wayne later today for The Creature blog. With DJ Spooky for background music. Mesh ups are the way forward. A continuation of cut-ups. Always and will always be relevant as a method cause the information is also moving. Even more so today. Some of the most interesting poetry is mixing discourses and mediums and methods. Ditto music and film and tv shows etc. etc. Deadwood for example. But I want more of mesh up. Everything is available to us. Modernism has given us so much to play with. And Romanticism. And pop culture. And???? The sound/music of language meshing different discourses. 19th century travel handbooks, my travel notebooks, Walt Whitman and The Monkeys, pop music. And many many many more sources are used in my manuscript The Creature. I have a feeling The Creature has steered me into a life’s work. Or the method of mesh ups has opened things up. Trying to mesh things that shouldn’t mesh. I am stealing everything! We live in interesting times as always!!!