From my ongoing manuscript Never Mind the Beasts. Ring games. South London. Near Elephant and Castle. 1970s. We popped over to South London from Northern Ireland to escape The Troubles. I was a sensitive wee boy.


Currently finishing up my manuscript Never Mind the Beasts. Never Mind the Beasts is a book of saints with many settings, including: Lisbon, London, Milton Keynes, Hurricane, Portadown, Katowice, Faro, and Texas. It is a great mashup bursting with flavours, including: instructional essays, alien immigrant memoirs, erotic stories, vignettes, political fables, monologues, and travelogues. NeverContinue reading “SAINT PRIMAL”

TINY HOUSE The true story of a search for home and the attempt to alleviate or ameliorate a mostly musty existence with showers of flowers and living kind of close to nature but not with swans. House from JJMars on Vimeo.