Tom Jenks at Mercurius

“The world, of course, is absurd, even more so because it thinks it’s making perfect sense.” – Tom Jenks This week’s absurd-surreal sampler is from Tom Jenks. Humboldt squid, Subbuteo, ducks, druids, and the tragically overlooked 19th century Russian novelist. There are many delights for the fancies. Check out the poems over at this week’sContinue reading “Tom Jenks at Mercurius”

Liberating Literature

After an exhausting year of high school teaching, summer has arrived and I am finally writing. Tim Atkin’s new big Buddhist book of everything, NOTHING CONCLUSIVE HAS YET TAKEN PLACE IN THE WORLD THE ULTIMATE WORD OF THE WORLD AND ABOUT THE WORLD HAS NOT YET BEEN SPOKEN THE WORLD IS OPEN AND FREE EVERYTHINGContinue reading “Liberating Literature”

Jennifer L Knox

“I like to surprise my reader and myself as I write. To do that, I have to set up a familiar situation on the page in which expectations are clear, then subvert those expectations. To zag instead of zig. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s weird and creepy and feels like a ghost is typing throughContinue reading “Jennifer L Knox”