Han Shan

Han Shan/Cold Mountain is a figure from the Chinese Tang Dynasty. His poetry is in the Taoist and Chan Buddhist tradition. No one knows who he was, when he lived and died, or whether he actually existed. He was a hermit and wrote his poems on rocks. Han Shan, jazz, Buddhism, and surrealism, were influencesContinue reading “Han Shan”


Terrific review by Tom Jenks of my book The Green Monk. You can read it over at Stride magazine. Lydia Davis, Daniil Kharms. Yes please! The Green Monk is available from Boiler House Press. It has a very nice design. Good to touch. And also read.


“A part wants to break away from the other part. The part that wants to break away claims a different culture. How many cultures make the whole. Who are the true people from the part that wants to break away and the true people from the part that believes in the whole.| My flash fiction,Continue reading “Jitters”

Everything is Connected

Danishness, homo-sapiens, improv jazz, interconnections, collaborations. Reminds me what matters!! Needed that. Investigative. Imaginative. Open. An interview with nomadic existentialist artist and writer Grzegorz Wroblewski https://www.dik.org.pl/everything-connected-interview-author-grzegorz-wroblewski/?lang=en