After devouring everything Édouard Levé, Thomas Bernhard, Clarice Lispector, Lydia Davis, Annie Ernaux, Rachel Cusk, David Markson, & Jon Fosse, I found a way to move forward with my second autoficiton novel, The Dreamlife of Honey.

There are still some touches, forever touches, or maybe tweaks, to move the manuscript into book form, plus, of course, the luck of some press to publish it, but as a whole, it has been fun to make the shift in my prose stylings.

Travel tales for the weary of soul, part guidebook, part travel handbook, The Dreamlife of Honey is a surreal-absurd novel of hypnotic prose about love and loss, travel and freedom, poverty and imagination. Crossing borders and blurring boundaries, expanding into new ways of being.

Here is the opening to the autofiction novel, a sequel to Never Mind the Beasts.

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