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I’ve started thinking more and more about when to order the paper book and when to order the digital book. In most cases, it seems, I am trying to order the paper books only when the book itself is both a beautiful object and I love the writing. Although sometimes I have ordered an ugly novel from Faber & Faber (Victor Pelevin), but I didn’t know the book was ugly before I ordered it.


Don Whiskers and Pineapple live in the Docklands, East London, in a council flat. They visit the river for ancient histories. They take the Mega Bus in the Mega City and visit Amsterdam. They stay on a boat called The Gandalf. Back home, they stand on the balcony from the cheap seats and look atContinue reading “THE DOCKLANDS”


Super grateful. My debut novel, Never Mind the Beasts, 10 years in the making from many countries, is now available for ordering. You can choose Blackwell’s or Amazon. Waterstone’s, Foyles, and Barnes and Noble will be added as an ordering option soon. Here is a description: Never Mind The Beasts is Marcus Slease’s second book forContinue reading “HOT OFF THE PRESS”

Dostoyevsky Wannabe Spotlight

A nice spotlight on Dostoyevsky Wannabe over at The London Magazine by Robert Greer. Greer describes the presses radical approach to publishing, in both design, distribution, and content: “With their books retailing at around £5 each, accessibility seems to me an important part of Dostoyevsky Wannabe, and the most obvious comparison for me is the independent recordContinue reading “Dostoyevsky Wannabe Spotlight”


FASCINATING 12 MIN DOCUMENTARY FROM FAYETTEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA “Less a confessional documentary than a mixtape that samples a copious personal archive, “This is Yates” pan-n-scans a wide track of time, running from the near-present back beyond pre-pubescence to home movies of time before birth.” Available over here from the classic indie press Dostoyevsky Wannabe:

Swimmer’s Club Seven Up

Seven of my current loves over at Swimmer’s Club. It is hard to choose seven. They are only seven. But maybe a good seven. There is  the Czech nomadic surrealism of Lukas Tomin, the Canadian surrealism of Guy Maddin. Sun Araw, The Seventh Seal, Leonora Carrington, Chika Sagawa. So many greats. What a life! CheckContinue reading “Swimmer’s Club Seven Up”