England’s Lane Bookshop

I just purchased a ton of indie poetry books at a massive discount at the bookshop in London called England’s Lane. The bookseller in charge of poetry really knows their stuff.

I now have a big hoard of mostly innovative American poetry books. Terrific. Here are some of the poets:

Aram Saroyan, Bernadette Mayer, Bill Berkson, Clark Coolidge, Geraldine Kim, Glen Baxter, Piero Heliczer, Steve Carey.

It is like being reborn when you find gems of indie poetry books. It is one of my favourite activities. When I lived in North Carolina I would spend hours and hours hunting for small press poetry books. Indie presses are the best!


Here is a poem built of the indie books:


England’s Lane

American Ones:
“salted as a ceasefire in a Christian Bakery”

Sudden Address:
“moveable panels or stretcher bars”

All Poet’s Welcome
“Includes C.D.”

Trundling Grunts in The Book of Night Terrors
Lady Air The Natural History
This Time We are Both 
Complete Minimal Poems
A Purchase in the White Botanica
Art Chronicles Midwinter Day
Selected Steve Carey

Grafton Road Chalk Farm Gospel Oak
Harringey Green Lanes


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