Currently finishing up my manuscript Never Mind the Beasts. Never Mind the Beasts is a book of saints with many settings, including: Lisbon, London, Milton Keynes, Hurricane, Portadown, Katowice, Faro, and Texas. It is a great mashup bursting with flavours, including: instructional essays, alien immigrant memoirs, erotic stories, vignettes, political fables, monologues, and travelogues. NeverContinue reading “SAINT PRIMAL”


Awesome exhibit coming up in Warsaw Poland. The first big exhibit of the artist and poet Grzegorz Wroblewski in his home country after many many years of exile. Gonna check it out in August. You can see both conceptual and psychedelic paintings there. Gonna be historic! Opening day 6th August 18:00. Until 28th September 2014. MuzeumContinue reading “PROGRAM MERCURY”