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Collaborating (as JJ Mars) with the artist David Kelly-Mancaux (as Erkembode). Spaceships have landed in London, Katowice, Da Nang, Singapore, Leeds & Bologna.  Words: JJ Mars, Visuals: ErkembodeDeadwood Press vs Bear Press. Here is issue 1: http://www.erkembode.com/blog/spaceships-1

Small Press Publishing

A selection of some of my books from small presses in last couple of years. Sometimes it is good to stop and take a glance back. Thanks Blazevox, Poor Claudia, Deadwood Press, Blart Books, miPOeasias, and Deathless Press.

Paddy’s Cure

My collaboration with Pascal O’Loughlin. Published in limited edition by Deadwood Press (October 2014). Nomadic Surrealism. A boundary hopping collection. Limited edition, but they have a copy in British Poetry Library.

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