Part of the reading from last night at Xing the Line. Poems and stories from ongoing manuscript The Green Monk. Influenced by Mormonism, Lydia Davis, Ivor Cutler, James Tate, and others. https://player.vimeo.com/video/171918072 Xing the Line Farewell Reading Part Two from JJMars on Vimeo.  

first draft (for Smashing Time Manuscript)

Brief Bio in sloppy joes in ear-muffs dropping coins for Dr. Pepper in the city of trailer parks in the jerks of god in a gumball machine in the Hamburger Helper in the nerf inside the unobstructed science of free donuts in Vallejo California  a rock hurled from a car window the lack of snow oh on the way to Rancho camel trucking partially submerged birds a shootingContinue reading “first draft (for Smashing Time Manuscript)”