first draft (for Smashing Time Manuscript)

Smashing Time

Brief Bio

in sloppy joes in ear-muffs 
dropping coins for Dr. Pepper 
in the city of trailer parks 
in the jerks of god 
in a gumball machine 
in the Hamburger Helper 
in the nerf inside 
the unobstructed science of free donuts 
in Vallejo California  

a rock hurled from a car window 
the lack of snow oh 
on the way to Rancho 
camel trucking 
partially submerged birds 
a shooting in the aimless rivets 
in bio-gents in bio-gents 
pummeled into the museums 
of Joseph Smith 
of golden plates
where the highway 
jumbles into a shower 
of thee and thou 
of milk and eggs 
a.k.a. the unobstructed science 
of foreign things 

on the open grid 
on the edge 
where the nods of god 
are lunar rides 
like the trembling traffic 
of astrology 
watching my looting 
in the towns of dawn 
in the hawks of sleep 
in the dreams of fishtanks 
of Spanish causeways 
and vertigo dawns 

and I am an Amazonian mess 
in a mudskipper 
in a rusted can 
in the happy trails of squirrels 
in the gyrations of North Las Vegas sunlight 

I came this way 
and this is my tiny plastic phallus 
of the steakhouse 
a mural for telemarketers 
No Surrender! 
all happy surfers 
misplaced on-ramps
inside the Pasternak seasoned rain 
inside the fur of the buffs 
of St. George in the dark 
Arabian yoga sun worshippers 
in the red rocks of Utah 
in the Olympia of England 
in the trucks of loaves 
in the purple flowers 
in the palace of Alexandra

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