What are you growing into?

I stole boxing gloves from K-Mart, it is not in the story. I masturbated to MiGs, it is not in the story. I scraped the edges of my sundae with a wooden spoon, it is not in the story. I masturbated my friend under the table in the library, it is not in the story. I was briefly in love with Duran Duran, it is not in the story.


Worzel Gummidge is on the telly. The father has a new calling in the new church to convert more converts, and also a job in London, driving a train in the underground. There is also Bletchley, a swimming pool with a slide, and hot chocolate, from the machine. He learns how long to brush hisContinue reading “COFFEE HALL”


Never Mind the Beasts, an experimental working class novel, begins in Portadown, N. Ireland, with my biological father, The Troubles, in one way or another, and then the move to London, first a homeless hostel, and then later Milton Keynes, with government social housing. It begins in the 1974 and then moves into the 80s,Continue reading “NEVER MIND THE BEASTS OPENING”


Battlestar Galactica is partly Mormon. Sci-fi is a big part of Mormon. Do you know the planet Kolob? When we immigrated to America, and my family converted to Mormonism, I had a hankering for sci-fi.


In Vegas there was a water park. An exciting adventure, for the whole family. I was hitting puberty and my accent had changed, from Northern Irish to working class British to western American. I wanted to become hairy, it was the 1980s, Tom Selleck was a stud muffin. Here is a microfiction about Vegas, inContinue reading “WET N’WILD”

All American

Newly married, working as telemarketers and cleaners, the midnight beam, in Utah, pulled them to a used car lot. This is their story. From Never Mind the Beasts, the first novel in my nomadic surrealist trilogy, forthcoming from Dostoyevsky Wannabe in 2020.


Las Vegas had a show on the telly, it was exotic and foreign, hard to imagine, and we were going there, as immigrant pioneers, for a better life, like immigrants and migrants the world over, changing their languages and also adding to the host languages, the big mixing bowl, maybe. Play Yr Kardz Right, myContinue reading “WHAT IS PLAY YR KARDZ RIGHT?”


The opening, for now, of The Autobiography of Don Whiskers. My novel in progress (partly a memoir). It begins in Northern Ireland and then moves to Milton Keynes, England. And then a trailer park in Vallejo, California. Don Whiskers is the main character.  


New Poem written this morning. True Grit. HUDD home in North Las Vegas. Then home in Hurricane, Utah. Returning home early from Mormon mission by choice. Disgrace. Trying to understand how to become more manly. The big America dream as immigrants. Samsara meat wheel. And so on . . learning to fail better

where did that come from?

where did i get the fear of acting socially respectable. from looking toward the British as a child in Ireland? As an Irish child in Milton Keynes? When I emigrated to America we landed in Vegas. July. When we stepped off the plane it was like stepping into a warm engine. We couldn’t find anyContinue reading “where did that come from?”