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  • Hasso Krull

    Reading Six Estonia Poets from the New Voices from Europe & Beyond series from Arc Publications. Terrific project, & needed. Hasso Krull is becoming a fav poet, & others in there interesting too. Here is one of Krull’s poems. More can be found over here too at Poetry International.

  • Han Shan

    Han Shan

    Han Shan/Cold Mountain is a figure from the Chinese Tang Dynasty. His poetry is in the Taoist and Chan Buddhist tradition. No one knows who he was, when he lived and died, or whether he actually existed. He was a hermit and wrote his poems on rocks. Han Shan, jazz, Buddhism, and surrealism, were influences…


    Elephanche is a limited edition pamphlet of 12 poemplays written by Marcus Slease and SJ Fowler, and published by Department press in March 2013. It was launched at the Cornerhouse Gallery in Manchester. Cover collage by Tom Raworth. Check it out: www.stevenjfowler.com/elephanche  

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