READING FROM NEW BOOK RIDES IN MY FLAT IN EAST LONDON DOCKLANDS: “There is only seeing and, in order to go to see, one must be a pirate” There are mashups with train rides forwards and backwards all around the U.K. Rides is part of my nomadic surrealist project. AVAILABLE OVER HERE: RIDES  Continue reading “THE CRANIUM IS A SPACE TRAVELER’S HELMET”


My new book is just out! YIPPPIEEE!! Started this in 2008 when I first came to London. Picked it up again in 2012 after coming back from living in Poland and Turkey. It was poems written at tube stops around London. Then poems written on the circle line in London. Finally it became poems writtenContinue reading “RIDES”

House Call 1936 by Dani Sandal

Leather wombs, payments of lamb shanks, still births . . Dani Sandal plus Kathy Acker plus William Burroughs plus plus plus House Call: 1936 Beneath naked bulb hung from twisted cord, a black-bagged surgeon stoops to stroke porch dog dozing on bloodied bone. Inside his leather womb, steel instruments, useless as dried teats of thisContinue reading “House Call 1936 by Dani Sandal”