READING FROM NEW BOOK RIDES IN MY FLAT IN EAST LONDON DOCKLANDS: “There is only seeing and, in order to go to see, one must be a pirate” There are mashups with train rides forwards and backwards all around the U.K. Rides is part of my nomadic surrealist project. AVAILABLE OVER HERE: RIDES  Continue reading “THE CRANIUM IS A SPACE TRAVELER’S HELMET”


My new book is just out! YIPPPIEEE!! Started this in 2008 when I first came to London. Picked it up again in 2012 after coming back from living in Poland and Turkey. It was poems written at tube stops around London. Then poems written on the circle line in London. Finally it became poems writtenContinue reading “RIDES”


“I began writing train poems on the London tube in 2008-2009. I sat there scribbling into notebooks as the train went from one stop to the next.”  I’m talkin about train poems & my process for writing Rides on H_ngm_n magazine today: It is partly inspired by Ted Berrigan’s Train Rides (picture below). Rides isContinue reading “MY BOOK RIDES (IN THE TRADITION OF TED BERRIGAN)”

Flarf in Manchester

Flarf poem plays. Ted Berrigan is in there. And Daniel Day Lewis. And Ian Paisley. And Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, a girl who loves branching, a cow’s wink, mayor Chob, Catherine Chob, Weng, a Scottish soul dancer, a golden horn, carpet trouble, chums, a Gorkha, the mole audace, Sultanahmet in Istanbul, Trieste inContinue reading “Flarf in Manchester”

Contemporary English Poetry and North American influences

    A nice article today about some of the very best poetry coming from the United Kingdom. And it rocks. Big time! Brilliant! Some influences of NY school poetry and more. Check out the article in Jacket 2 magazine:

what i’d like for christmas by ted berrigan

What I’d Like For Christmas, 1970 by Ted Berrigan Black brothers to get happy The Puerto Ricans to say hello  The old folks to take it easy &  as it comes  The United States to get straight  Power to butt out  Money to fuck off  Business with honor  Religion  & Art  Love  A home  AContinue reading “what i’d like for christmas by ted berrigan”

from Smashing Time! (MIPOesias Chapbook Series)

My chapbook Smashing Time is now available for free (digital version). Thank you MIPOesias. This book was written shortly after returning to live in London. From 2010 to 2011. Influenced by NY School poets (Kenneth Koch, Bernadette Mayer, and Ted Berrigan mostly). Also the buddhism and writing of Philip Whalen. Also my poet friends TimContinue reading “from Smashing Time! (MIPOesias Chapbook Series)”


It is the 28th March. The weather, of course, is mostly overcast. But I am mostly inside so that’s OK. I spend over two hours everyday on trains, commuting to work. Sometimes teaching at two different campuses at different parts of London. So reading, well, it is a form of sanity. I can do aContinue reading “MY LATEST NY SCHOOL POETRY BOOKS”

In Midst of My Nomadic Wanderings A Fresh Watering Hole

I found a bit of paradise yesterday. First, a very cool feast at an Iranian restaurant with my former student from Iran named Ben. Sauces and yogurt drinks and all kinds of amazing bbq’ed meat. Carpets on the ceiling and wall. Second, cool exhibition of Felix Topolski called Topolski Century. Overground trains shook above usContinue reading “In Midst of My Nomadic Wanderings A Fresh Watering Hole”