Enemies Book

The new book of collaborations with SJ Fowler and British and European poets is out now from Penned in the Margins. It’s killar!! Must have!! I have a colloboration with SJ Fowler in there. It’s a poem play. In Kenneth Koch style. Staring Lisa Jarnot. check it out. http://www.pennedinthemargins.co.uk/index.php/2013/09/enemies-2/ SJ Fowler has Enemies. And theContinue reading “Enemies Book”

Flarf in Manchester

Flarf poem plays. Ted Berrigan is in there. And Daniel Day Lewis. And Ian Paisley. And Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, a girl who loves branching, a cow’s wink, mayor Chob, Catherine Chob, Weng, a Scottish soul dancer, a golden horn, carpet trouble, chums, a Gorkha, the mole audace, Sultanahmet in Istanbul, Trieste inContinue reading “Flarf in Manchester”

from Smashing Time

  Influenced by NY School poetry. Bernadette Mayer and Kenneth Koch ALSO Philip Whalen (one of my favs) Part of my Nomadic Surrealist project. free pdf here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/299099 cover painting: Grzegorz Wroblewski

coming soon . . . hot hot hot . . .

from Dzanc Books: A Question Mark Above the Sun Documents on the Mystery Surrounding a Famous Poem “by” Frank O’Hara Expanded Second Edition Kent Johnson Preface by Eric Lorberer Foreword David Koepsell Afterwords by Jeremy Noel-Tod and Joshua Kotin “At the end of last year, an extraordinary work of detective criticism briefly ap- peared, despiteContinue reading “coming soon . . . hot hot hot . . .”

from Smashing Time! (MIPOesias Chapbook Series)

My chapbook Smashing Time is now available for free (digital version). Thank you MIPOesias. This book was written shortly after returning to live in London. From 2010 to 2011. Influenced by NY School poets (Kenneth Koch, Bernadette Mayer, and Ted Berrigan mostly). Also the buddhism and writing of Philip Whalen. Also my poet friends TimContinue reading “from Smashing Time! (MIPOesias Chapbook Series)”

Reading a lot of Philip Whalen and Kenneth Koch

Friday night. A week drawing to a close. Indian stomach rumbles again from the buffet. Settling in with some ginger tea and reading some plays of Kenneth Koch collected in The Gold Standard. Leaning over bed in this small North London room to type on laptop which rests on a foldable chair. Will return toContinue reading “Reading a lot of Philip Whalen and Kenneth Koch”

cathy Wagner on blogtalk radio

books coming this week with the brown santa for 37th b-day: 1) The Sore Throat and other poems by Aaron Kunin 2) The Gold Standard a book of plays by Kenneth Koch 3) Pink and Hot Pink Habitat by Natalie Lyalin 4) My New Job by Cathy Wagner interesting radio reading and talk with CathyContinue reading “cathy Wagner on blogtalk radio”