READING FROM NEW BOOK RIDES IN MY FLAT IN EAST LONDON DOCKLANDS: “There is only seeing and, in order to go to see, one must be a pirate” There are mashups with train rides forwards and backwards all around the U.K. Rides is part of my nomadic surrealist project. AVAILABLE OVER HERE: RIDES  Continue reading “THE CRANIUM IS A SPACE TRAVELER’S HELMET”


“Too hip for the squares and too square for the hips is a category of oblivion which increasingly threatens any artist who dares to take his own way, regardless of mass public and journalistic approval. And how could it be otherwise in a supremely tribal civilization like ours, where even artists feel compelled to bandContinue reading “OPPOSING POWER BLOCKS”

ALT LIT and NY School Poetry

Alt LIT and NY School Poetry (Frank O’ Hara and Ted Berrigan etc.) This same kind of negative review of the legacy of NY School poetics was also leveled at Alt Lit in Vice recently. Sociability. Pop art. Speed. The bad dna of Frank O Hara and Ted Berrigan etc. The attention deficit of NYContinue reading “ALT LIT and NY School Poetry”

Contemporary English Poetry and North American influences

    A nice article today about some of the very best poetry coming from the United Kingdom. And it rocks. Big time! Brilliant! Some influences of NY school poetry and more. Check out the article in Jacket 2 magazine:

coming soon . . . hot hot hot . . .

from Dzanc Books: A Question Mark Above the Sun Documents on the Mystery Surrounding a Famous Poem “by” Frank O’Hara Expanded Second Edition Kent Johnson Preface by Eric Lorberer Foreword David Koepsell Afterwords by Jeremy Noel-Tod and Joshua Kotin “At the end of last year, an extraordinary work of detective criticism briefly ap- peared, despiteContinue reading “coming soon . . . hot hot hot . . .”