The experimental writer, artist, and musician Stephen Emmerson has been running a podcast entitled “Post Apocalyptic Poems.” Post Apocalyptic Poems is a new series which imagines that an unspecified event has taken place which forces families to take shelter in underground bunkers.You can only take 6 books of poetry with you. When you emerge fromContinue reading “POST APOCALYPTIC POEMS”


Eileen Myles gives me hope. Not necessarily for money for poetry. Although I did get paid £50 for my poems in Tin House and that felt somehow a little validating. Even more than the money was having poems in Tin House and the generosity of poet friends. Eileen Myles, like many I would imagine, givesContinue reading “EILEEN MYLES AND GETTING PAID”


“Too hip for the squares and too square for the hips is a category of oblivion which increasingly threatens any artist who dares to take his own way, regardless of mass public and journalistic approval. And how could it be otherwise in a supremely tribal civilization like ours, where even artists feel compelled to bandContinue reading “OPPOSING POWER BLOCKS”


Chris Kraus’ I Love Dick is opening a space for me to exist in. To move around in. She says, “Reading delivers on the promise that sex raises but hardly ever can fulfill- getting larger cause you’re entering another person’s language, cadence, heart and mind.” And that’s when I feel most alive. Expansive writing. ExpansiveContinue reading “I LOVE DICK”


“We are two poets, Sarah Maguire (Bristol) and Marcus Slease (London) that to put it mildly are sick of traditional intellectual, stiff, PHD driven British poetry and feel obligated to do something …anything ….to make a change. “ CHECK OUT UPTIGHT! A NEW POETRY AND ARTS COMMUNITY BASED IN BRISTOL, UK AND LONDON, UK. OURContinue reading “UPTIGHT!”

"Žibutė" / 9 / Eileen Myles in Vilnius

Eileen Myles reading in Vilnius. Terrific! Expansive and open and generous. Her confidence is contagious. I think she opens up the space and all the people in that space. So many poetry readings feel closed and sometimes suffocating. We need more open spaces (in body, mind, and spirit). We need more expansive poetry and art.Continue reading “"Žibutė" / 9 / Eileen Myles in Vilnius”


Ewa is making chapbooks for my Victorian toilet bowl reading with Richard Barrett this Tuesday. Drawings by David Kelly-Mancaux. The Chapbook is called IT POPS. Ewa made a chapbook a few years ago with nail varnish for the cover called Balloons. I think there is a theme.