It is the 28th March. The weather, of course, is mostly overcast. But I am mostly inside so that’s OK. I spend over two hours everyday on trains, commuting to work. Sometimes teaching at two different campuses at different parts of London. So reading, well, it is a form of sanity. I can do a lot of reading on the tube/subway. This week I am going to continue for education in NY School Poetry (or poetry at least inspired by what NY School poetry opened up in terms of possibilities for poetry). I have read many. There is never enough. Eventually I will read something else but it always feels good to get sucked into something and disappear. OK. Maybe not always. But often. Can anything be qualified with the word always. I am not sure.

Here are the four NY School Poetry books for this week’s tube commuting. I managed to check them out from The British Poetry Library at the Southbank. A treasure house of all treasure houses.

Memorial Day (Ted Berrigan and Anne Waldman)


The Joe 82 Creation Poems (Rochelle Owens)

New and Selected Padgett (Ron Padgett)

The Collected Kenneth Koch (Kenneth Koch)


What’s in your bag?


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