"Žibutė" / 9 / Eileen Myles in Vilnius

Eileen Myles reading in Vilnius. Terrific! Expansive and open and generous. Her confidence is contagious. I think she opens up the space and all the people in that space. So many poetry readings feel closed and sometimes suffocating. We need more open spaces (in body, mind, and spirit). We need more expansive poetry and art. NY School poetry has many expansive places for us. When I returned to London in 2010 it is was NY School poetry that gave me space to breathe and start my life long nomadic writing project. A nomadic surrealism. There are too many straight jackets, including gender. So many boxes we are supposed to tick. I am borderless, transient, a nomad from the milky way. It is the best place to be but not always easy. A nomadic surrealist life project.




eileen myles.jpg