“Slease refuses the comforts of rootedness, stability, permanence. In doing so, he represents what the philosopher Rose Braidotti identifies as the model of nomadic subjectivity “in flux, never opposed to a dominant hierarchy yet intrinsically other, always in the process of becoming, and perpetually engaged in dynamic power relations both creative and restrictive.” For manyContinue reading “NOMADIC SURREALISM AND THE MOBILE IMAGINATION”


Some awesome translations of Polish poet Grzegorz Wroblewski in Jacket 2.  In conversation with perhaps the most powerful Polish poet of the 20th century. Tadeusz Różewicz. A special issue about Polish poetry after Rozewicz. Wroblewski’s poems are translated by Piotr Gwiazda. five poems are over here:

Contemporary English Poetry and North American influences

    A nice article today about some of the very best poetry coming from the United Kingdom. And it rocks. Big time! Brilliant! Some influences of NY school poetry and more. Check out the article in Jacket 2 magazine:

Ron Padgett’s Translations of Yu Jian

Ron Padgett, like so many great NY School poets, is also a fantastic translator. I love his translations of French poetry. They are so fluid and contemporary. I especially love his translations of Apollinaire and Blaise Cendrars. Blaise Cendrars’ Complete Poems is one of my favourite collections of poetry ever. He is also a nomadic poet parContinue reading “Ron Padgett’s Translations of Yu Jian”