Jeff Hilson pokes it right in and gives it a twist

Marcus Slease reading Jeff Hilson from _In The Assarts_ NY School poetry meets the London school of medieval ass arts. Kraftwerk. Buster Keaton. Ted Berrigan. Francis Picabia & the sheriff of Nottingham. Jimmy “great charming girl” Schuyler. The ladies in waiting have left their nuts in a medieval thicket. Jeff Hilson pokes it right inContinue reading “Jeff Hilson pokes it right in and gives it a twist”


it is all of us in this spooky life . . THE OUTSIDER ART OF DAVID KELLY


If you are in London, check this reading out tomorrow. Jeff Hilson rocks my world. Amy De’Ath is cool too. The sad dj is cool. Lots of cool shit. Thursday 20:00 An evening of film, poetry and sad disco.Poetry:Amy De’AthMarianne MorrisSophie MayerJeff HilsonSamantha Walton!more tbc!Film:Liz RosenfeldSad Disco:DJ Dr Kemp Vogue Fabrics 66 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XBContinue reading “FEELINGS POETRY READING (NORTH LONDON)”

Contemporary English Poetry and North American influences

    A nice article today about some of the very best poetry coming from the United Kingdom. And it rocks. Big time! Brilliant! Some influences of NY school poetry and more. Check out the article in Jacket 2 magazine:

How to Keep Fresh

For almost seven years I traveled around the world with one suitcase. I had romantic notions that didn’t quite turn out romantic. Or sometimes they did. Now I am settling down in London. Waiting for the delivery of a used sofa that may not fit through the door. I have a big screen to typeContinue reading “How to Keep Fresh”

One of my favourite living poets on planet . .

This makes living in the U.K. worthwhile.  One of my favourite living poets. He is an unforgettable reader/performer. check it!!! Poetry and interview over here. interview with British poet Jeff Hilson some sample poems from Rinker with the interview: Jeff Hilson poems from Rinker