Philip Terry puts Tim Atkin’s Petrarch through a music box

Here is Philip Terry. An member back in the day of Oulipo. He puts Tim’s Atkin’s poems from Petrarch through a music box. It is very interesting.   Tim Atkin’s Petrarch is available from Crater Press over here: Crater 27: June 2014. Tim Atkins, Complete Petrarch. Atkins Collected Petrarch / Petrarch Collected Atkins. All ofContinue reading “Philip Terry puts Tim Atkin’s Petrarch through a music box”

Awesome Polish poets in London!!!

Wrogowie – Feb sat 8th at the Rich Mix, London Wrogowie: February Sat 8th at the Rich Mix Arts Centre: 7pm doors. Free entry. Marcus Slease & Grzegorz Wróblewski Joanna Rzadowska & Francesca Lisette Ula Chowaniec & Amy Cutler Piotr Gwiazda & SJ Fowler Adam Zdrodowski & Philip Terry + Laura Elliott & AngusContinue reading “Awesome Polish poets in London!!!”