Liberating Literature

After an exhausting year of high school teaching, summer has arrived and I am finally writing. Tim Atkin’s new big Buddhist book of everything, NOTHING CONCLUSIVE HAS YET TAKEN PLACE IN THE WORLD THE ULTIMATE WORD OF THE WORLD AND ABOUT THE WORLD HAS NOT YET BEEN SPOKEN THE WORLD IS OPEN AND FREE EVERYTHINGContinue reading “Liberating Literature”

Philip Terry puts Tim Atkin’s Petrarch through a music box

Here is Philip Terry. An member back in the day of Oulipo. He puts Tim’s Atkin’s poems from Petrarch through a music box. It is very interesting.   Tim Atkin’s Petrarch is available from Crater Press over here: Crater 27: June 2014. Tim Atkins, Complete Petrarch. Atkins Collected Petrarch / Petrarch Collected Atkins. All ofContinue reading “Philip Terry puts Tim Atkin’s Petrarch through a music box”

Miles Champion covers Tim Atkins – Petrarch 199

Reminds me of the amazing plays of Kenneth Koch. But with a Tim Atkins twist. It doesn’t get any better than Tim Atkins!!! Amazing launch of his Petrarch at Rich Mix last Saturday. You can get the magnum opus (plays, poetry, outsider art and more) from Crater Press. Freakin brilliant. NY School Poetry meets BritishContinue reading “Miles Champion covers Tim Atkins – Petrarch 199”