Part of the reading from last night at Xing the Line. Poems and stories from ongoing manuscript The Green Monk. Influenced by Mormonism, Lydia Davis, Ivor Cutler, James Tate, and others. https://player.vimeo.com/video/171918072 Xing the Line Farewell Reading Part Two from JJMars on Vimeo.  


I read at Xing the Line last night. My last reading before leaving to live in Madrid. On the eve of the big vote. Maybe I will not be gone long. Who knows. I hope I am still an EU citizen after today. Then again I have been meaning to change my passport for anContinue reading “XING THE LINE FAREWELL READING”

when you point your finger guess who it’s pointing back to

guess everyone needs to take a turn . . Department Books has some interesting stuff on the island . . onedit was the best magazine I have seen from the island . .  and Mendoza is putting together a nice book of poems for a reading this week . . poems for Sonic Youth .Continue reading “when you point your finger guess who it’s pointing back to”

One of my favourite living poets on planet . .

This makes living in the U.K. worthwhile.  One of my favourite living poets. He is an unforgettable reader/performer. check it!!! Poetry and interview over here. interview with British poet Jeff Hilson some sample poems from Rinker with the interview: Jeff Hilson poems from Rinker