Love Cyclops(for Piero Heliczer) the vaginas of birds in burnt grass in MiltonKeynesmy feet as they entered the reedsstone stoneor so I have heardheaven is a pebblein the eye signatureeye weeping bird bathsher bobby pinsher bobbythis bear daythere are no bearsit scares mejoints in the grasssure cansugarcanefaded blue jeanson my wilting facein Patagonia answer me

England’s Lane Bookshop

I just purchased a ton of indie poetry books at a massive discount at the bookshop in London called England’s Lane. The bookseller in charge of poetry really knows their stuff. I now have a big hoard of mostly innovative American poetry books. Terrific. Here are some of the poets: Aram Saroyan, Bernadette Mayer, BillContinue reading “England’s Lane Bookshop”