xing the line August 2011.m4v

low quality recording . . lispy voice . . . part one from Jeff Hilson and Sean Bonney’s reading series X-ing the Line . .. read with the beguiling revenge poetics of Christie Ann Reynolds and the mind blowing mystical musings of Amy Evans . . part two (unrecorded) was a bit lighter with moreContinue reading “xing the line August 2011.m4v”

now one of my favourite literary journals

great great magazine!! Picked up two issues last night at the x-ing the line reading of┬áVincent Katz and Barry Schwabsky. Great reading. Really terrific stuff. All the greats in Vanitas. NY and beyond!!! Good critical and thematic stuff. Art and poetry. Good for the eyes and ears and all-around brain. Feels nice in the handsContinue reading “now one of my favourite literary journals”

poets of the nine

kick ass London/UK poets. Yep yep. great readings last night at X-ing the Line. Limited limited edition of ninerrors poetry zine . . . . get yr freak lung!!! Ah linus slug . . . you you . . . . nine poets: harry godwin edmund hardy frances kruk owain lee geogie m’glug nat rahaContinue reading “poets of the nine”