poets of the nine

kick ass London/UK poets. Yep yep. great readings last night at X-ing the Line. Limited limited edition of ninerrors poetry zine . . . . get yr freak lung!!! Ah linus slug . . . you you . . . .

nine poets:

harry godwin

edmund hardy

frances kruk

owain lee

geogie m’glug

nat raha

richard parker

lunus slug

michael zand


hell yeah!





2 responses to “poets of the nine”

  1. postpran Avatar

    ahhhh London is the onion . . . world's navel and so on . . . and well NYC too . . . but i gots debts in the land of milk in honey . . .

    tabula rascal here in Europe . . . .

    come to Turkey me matey!!!


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