“Too hip for the squares and too square for the hips is a category of oblivion which increasingly threatens any artist who dares to take his own way, regardless of mass public and journalistic approval. And how could it be otherwise in a supremely tribal civilization like ours, where even artists feel compelled to bandContinue reading “OPPOSING POWER BLOCKS”


Gonna read some new Polish prose poems at the British library tomorrow. Maybe ones about vikings. The British library is a nice place. If you become a member they give you some white gloves and you handle some really really old books. Looks like an interesting line up. It’s called: Dear World: Editors, Poets andContinue reading “POLISH PROSE POEMS AT BRITISH LIBRARY”

How to Keep Fresh

For almost seven years I traveled around the world with one suitcase. I had romantic notions that didn’t quite turn out romantic. Or sometimes they did. Now I am settling down in London. Waiting for the delivery of a used sofa that may not fit through the door. I have a big screen to typeContinue reading “How to Keep Fresh”