“Too hip for the squares and too square for the hips is a category of oblivion which increasingly threatens any artist who dares to take his own way, regardless of mass public and journalistic approval. And how could it be otherwise in a supremely tribal civilization like ours, where even artists feel compelled to bandContinue reading “OPPOSING POWER BLOCKS”

How to Keep Fresh

For almost seven years I traveled around the world with one suitcase. I had romantic notions that didn’t quite turn out romantic. Or sometimes they did. Now I am settling down in London. Waiting for the delivery of a used sofa that may not fit through the door. I have a big screen to typeContinue reading “How to Keep Fresh”

copulating and happy with NY School Poetry

I just received Joe Brainard’s I Remember in the post today. I am sure many folks have read it. I am late to the game. It is a classic of conceptualism and NY School Poetry. I am sure the French writers have already been influenced by it. It seems NY School Poetry has much moreContinue reading “copulating and happy with NY School Poetry”

reading with Tim Atkins, Marcus Slease, and Holly Pester

ahhhh now this is what it is about. community!!! Miss this poetry community. Openned was an amazing resource for innovative British poetry. A bit like the Poetry Project in New York City. But alas someone rich bought the space and there was no more art space. No more Foundry. Here are some video clips fromContinue reading “reading with Tim Atkins, Marcus Slease, and Holly Pester”