If you are in London, check this reading out tomorrow. Jeff Hilson rocks my world. Amy De’Ath is cool too. The sad dj is cool. Lots of cool shit. Thursday 20:00 An evening of film, poetry and sad disco.Poetry:Amy De’AthMarianne MorrisSophie MayerJeff HilsonSamantha Walton!more tbc!Film:Liz RosenfeldSad Disco:DJ Dr Kemp Vogue Fabrics 66 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XBContinue reading “FEELINGS POETRY READING (NORTH LONDON)”

crunching numbers second draft

Crunching Numbers the price of beans of which I am constitutedthe dude behind all that raintime has this shadow check this dog a boneevery man jack gets to be a wife the statessomewhere does a sky bend into lassitude a full court press into high hips into a form fitting sheetnew jack sexthunder puddlesin Wood Greenno pev no gup yanoContinue reading “crunching numbers second draft”

Reading a lot of Philip Whalen and Kenneth Koch

Friday night. A week drawing to a close. Indian stomach rumbles again from the buffet. Settling in with some ginger tea and reading some plays of Kenneth Koch collected in The Gold Standard. Leaning over bed in this small North London room to type on laptop which rests on a foldable chair. Will return toContinue reading “Reading a lot of Philip Whalen and Kenneth Koch”

copulating and happy with NY School Poetry

I just received Joe Brainard’s I Remember in the post today. I am sure many folks have read it. I am late to the game. It is a classic of conceptualism and NY School Poetry. I am sure the French writers have already been influenced by it. It seems NY School Poetry has much moreContinue reading “copulating and happy with NY School Poetry”