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  • Kim Hyesoon Surreal-Absurd Sampler

    Kim Hyesoon Surreal-Absurd Sampler

    This week, over at Mercurius, terrific surreal-absurd sampler. South Korean poet Kim Hyesoon (translated by Don Mee Choi). The poems are from I’m Ok, I’m Pig!, her 2014 Bloodaxe collection.

  • Mark Waldron Surreal-Absurd Sampler

    Mark Waldron Surreal-Absurd Sampler

    “The dirty old unconscious is always toiling away down there, cooking up something peculiar and true; day in, day out; night in, night out; which might be turned into a poem.”—Mark Waldron 2022 kicks off with Mark Waldron. A surreal-absurd sampler. You can read them here at Mercurius.

  • Chrissy Williams

    Chrissy Williams

    Here is another installment of the surreal-absurd feature at Mercurius Magazine. The poet Chrissy Williams. From her just released book Low (Bloodaxe).


     Matthew Dickman in Tin House magazine on exciting times in contemporary British poetry: http://www.tinhouse.com/blog/25564/the-poetry-across-the-pond.html

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