new publication: The Comarade Project

The Comarade Project. Collaborations between U.K. poets. My Collaboration is with one of my favourite all time poets: Tim Atkins. It’s a poetry comic. Available now. Here is the announcement: Delighted to announce the latest limited edition chapbook from The Red Ceilings Press…Maintenant: the Camarade project featuring Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe; Patrick Coyle & Holly Pester; SamContinue reading “new publication: The Comarade Project”

xing the line August 2011.m4v

low quality recording . . lispy voice . . . part one from Jeff Hilson and Sean Bonney’s reading series X-ing the Line . .. read with the beguiling revenge poetics of Christie Ann Reynolds and the mind blowing mystical musings of Amy Evans . . part two (unrecorded) was a bit lighter with moreContinue reading “xing the line August 2011.m4v”


I just ate a pig’s ear. I am trying to forget about it. It was chewy and from Bulgaria. A Bulgarian gave it to me. I can still taste it. I will forget soon. Southbank for the day. Books borrowed from the poetry library: 1) The Nancy Book by Joe Brainard (cartoons, narratives, ahhhhhhh boyoContinue reading “WHAT’S HOT!”


here is another fab interview with the poet Abraham Smith. Body energy indeed. Think Sean Bonney and Abraham Smith are distant blood brothers. Although Sean Bonney’s work is much different on the page and takes on different areas thematically, it is their approach in terms of performance that has similar exuberant effects. check it: AbrahamContinue reading “exuberance/beauty”

heading into 2009

sometimes a wee bit of whisky and coke with mince pies loosens up the throat and ach so I can write by gooley. So it is nice to think again. Been meditating on my travels and attempt to re-invent myself over the last three years. Well over the last many years but in particular theContinue reading “heading into 2009”