AudiomuraleAdriana Ronżewska Kotyńska, a Polish architect and painter interested in public art projects, originated the concept behind the Audiomurale and then executed it, with a team, on the wall of a townhouse in the Old Town district of Elblag, Poland. The team conducted interviews with passers-by recording their remarks about their town. Selected opinions –Continue reading “THE VOICE OF ELBLAG”

xing the line August 2011.m4v

low quality recording . . lispy voice . . . part one from Jeff Hilson and Sean Bonney’s reading series X-ing the Line . .. read with the beguiling revenge poetics of Christie Ann Reynolds and the mind blowing mystical musings of Amy Evans . . part two (unrecorded) was a bit lighter with moreContinue reading “xing the line August 2011.m4v”