bearding the beats

Got this in the mail today!!! Big Table issue 1. The Complete contents of the suppressed Winter 1959 Chicago Review.  Jack Kerouac, Edward Dahlberg, William S. Burroughs And an old newspaper article. Bearding the Beats. Kenneth Tynan, The Observer. Sunday Nov 1st 1959.


story cut up from William Burroughs cut up novel Soft Machine and lyrics of Mark E Smith. Images cut from various films and made into stills and cartoons. Narrative added to provide some cohesion. story published in Sprung Formal

House Call 1936 by Dani Sandal

Leather wombs, payments of lamb shanks, still births . . Dani Sandal plus Kathy Acker plus William Burroughs plus plus plus House Call: 1936 Beneath naked bulb hung from twisted cord, a black-bagged surgeon stoops to stroke porch dog dozing on bloodied bone. Inside his leather womb, steel instruments, useless as dried teats of thisContinue reading “House Call 1936 by Dani Sandal”


ON BEAT Barry Miles, Ian MacFadyen, Peter Jaeger & Marcus Slease Tuesday 15 January 2013, 7 pm Parasol Unit, 14 Wharf Road, Islington £6/£5 Concessions To accompany the October Gallery exhibition ‘William Burroughs: All out of time and into space’ and relating to Shezad Dawood’s ‘New Dream Machine Project’ for Parasolstice – Winter LightContinue reading “ON BEAT”