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Some poems from my ms MILK TOP MAGIC HAT over at Map Literary: http://www.mapliterary.org/marcus-slease.html little men in my bathtub, rainy Bukowski southwest train to Reading, E.T. and rocket ships in Milton Keynes. Some fantastic poetry and fiction over there. Like Anne Gorrick’s measurements to the sun for example. Stellar! It

reading from The New Vision

except from my novella in progress THE NEW VISION. Inspired by William Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Eileen Myles, Feminism, psychedelic revolutions, Mormon youth, Utah and much more

saint mayer saint spit saint myles and saint tea

My reading at Hardy Tree in London on Saturday 23rd Nov 2013. pocket rubbings, aliens, mormons, boy scouts, a blooming tattoo, conversations with saints and work of Eileen Myles, Sister Spit, Michelle Tea, Bernadette Mayer and others from new ms in progress: ANOTHER KIND OF MISSION thank you Saint Erkembode!

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