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Brandon Shimoda The Grave on the Wall

http://www.poorclaudia.org/crush_shimoda.php The latest Crush from Poor Claudia: “TWOyears ago Brandon Shimoda spent a winter sequestered in a backwoods, Maine cabin with the poet Dot Devota, reading first-hand accounts by survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Composed on notebook paper taken from an elementary school,The Grave on the Wall transfuses the language of witness account into the poetic process, running genocide […]


Poor Claudia and Emily Pettit

Poor Claudia (doesn’t get any better) from Nick van Eck: Something beautiful about swinging! Feel like getting away from the holiday hustle and leaping mid-air into a white hot void of weightless language? Look at that. We’ve got four new poems from EMILY PETTIT.Emily Pettit’s the author of Goat in the Snow (Birds LLC). She’s also […]