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My Heart is Shuffled it is intelligent it is a lot like me

A Sunday flashback. A wee reading, from my book Rides (2014), with cut ups and collages, straight from the heart and shuffled from the surrealist deck of cards called life.

PEACHES (first take)

From my new novel in progress for the summer. It’s called The Dreamlife of Honey. Here is the current description: From the over-stimulation and financial stresses of London to a slower life in Madrid and Barcelona, Don Whiskers and Pineapple are ready to live simply with less ambition. What is

Hermit Kingdom (the first 8 pages)

(Art: Hieronymus Bosch. From Garden of Earthly Delights.


The best review of my work ever. Such a generous and insightful review of Rides. Thank you Laura Wetherington. https://laurawetherington.com/2016/06/17/marcus-sleases-rides/

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