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    After devouring everything Édouard Levé, Thomas Bernhard, Clarice Lispector, Lydia Davis, Annie Ernaux, Rachel Cusk, David Markson, & Jon Fosse, I found a way to move forward with my second autoficiton novel, The Dreamlife of Honey. There are still some touches, forever touches, or maybe tweaks, to move the manuscript into book form, plus, of…

  • Lockdown in Spain: Days 10 through 15 – life in quarantine in a foreign country

    Lockdown in Spain: Days 10 through 15 – life in quarantine in a foreign country

    My microfictions, a daily record of the lockdown in Spain, days 10-15, just published on The Growler.

  • PEACHES (first take)

    PEACHES (first take)

    From my new novel in progress for the summer. It’s called The Dreamlife of Honey. Here is the current description: From the over-stimulation and financial stresses of London to a slower life in Madrid and Barcelona, Don Whiskers and Pineapple are ready to live simply with less ambition. What is the relationship between your environment…

  • The Hacking Powders

    The Hacking Powders

    An excerpt from my novel manuscript, The Autobiography of Don Whiskers, is over at #thesideshow. Partly based on experiences in Katowice, Poland, Cercedilla (Spain), Madrid (Spain), and Palermo (Sicily). It is part of an ongoing trilogy of nomadic surrealist novels. Part autofiction, part magical realism. This excerpt begins in Katowice, at the Zoo, with pagan deities:…



    The only award I ever won, and didn’t even enter, was for a poem called “Mr Whiskers and the Picnic Basket.” It was published in Hayden’s Ferry Review as a winner of the AWP Intro Journals Award. I was completing my MFA at UNC Greensboro at the time. Then it was republished at storySouth in 2004. This…

  • MAPS (nomadic travel writing)

          A very rough draft of some work for my ongoing nomadic travel novel: The Autobiography of Don Whiskers. It will undergo massive collaging and editing later.   MAPS Russians to the right; Indians to the left. I go with the Indians. I follow the sign for Hind Street Community Centre. Outside my…

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