MAPS (nomadic travel writing)

      A very rough draft of some work for my ongoing nomadic travel novel: The Autobiography of Don Whiskers. It will undergo massive collaging and editing later.   MAPS Russians to the right; Indians to the left. I go with the Indians. I follow the sign for Hind Street Community Centre. Outside myContinue reading “MAPS (nomadic travel writing)”

three from Radioactive Moat

Three poems in Radioactive Moat. Part of my ongoing manuscript Rides. It used to be called The Circle Line (for the poems written while riding the underground trains in London). But now Rides has poems written on trains all around the U.K. A nomadic surrealism written on trains.

heading into 2009

A need for order drives me to write. A need to map to frame to make the hidden manifest. To give flesh. The body manifest. To tap into my others. To become aware of how I am languaged. To dialogue with language itself. I moved away from specialized theory driven discourses because I felt itContinue reading “heading into 2009”