American Horror Story broke new ground. It is horror, with a timely message. It also plays with genre. Interesting television. When I was living in Madrid, we streamed it on the computer. Sat down with it in the evenings. A kind of purge.

One of the seasons has a red moon and people playing the part of a horror movie that becomes a horror movie. Meta. They love the meta. Is it still postmodern or just contemporary?

While we were watching the show, on Halloween, we were egged. Twice.

After cleaning the eggs, I wrote the following micofiction, later published in The Green Monk. It is called “American Horror Story.”

“American Horror Story” by Marcus Slease

God is Watching You

Here is a small excerpt, from my novel in Microfiction, Never Mind the Beasts, forthcoming in May 2020 from Dostoyevsky Wannabe. This one takes place in Milton Keynes, England, after the conversion, before immigrating to America. It is called “God is Watching You.”

“God is Watching You.” From Never Mind the Beats by Marcus Slease

Blackbox Manifold 23

Happy to have some of my nomadic surrealist prose poems in issue 23 of Blackbox Manifold. These prose poems/microfictions are from The Dreamlife of Honey, the third book of my nomadic surrealist trilogy, still in progress. Thank you to the editors, Alex Houen and Adam Piette!

Issue 23 of Blackbox Manifold features work by Josh Allsop, Francesca Bratton, Patrick Cotter, Kristin Dimitrova (transl. Tom Phillips), Patricia Farrell, Alec Finlay, Adam Flint, Michael Kindellan, Mark Lawlor, Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah, Otto & Gisel, David Punter, Robert Sheppard, Ian Seed, Marcus Slease, Catherine Street, Iain Twiddy, Lydia Unsworth, G C Waldrep, Selena Wisnom, Adam Warne, Howard Wright, Alex Wylie, Ruth Valentine. 

It features a special section on sound curated by Linda Kemp, with work by Bryony Bates, Cloth, Nat Raha, Nathan Walker and yol, Steve Hanson’s interview with Andrew Shanks on his translations of Nelly Sachs, and Adam Piette’s review of John Wilkinson, Sean Bonney, Seedings issue 6 and Eleanor Wilner.

If you enjoy, please spread the word!!


Here is a story from Milton Keynes, England, in 1982, Coffee Hall Housing Estate.

It is close to Christmas and after Guy Fawkes. Everything is shiny, especially the new 20P coin, an equilateral curve heptagon.

This microfiction is from Never Mind the Beasts, my novel in flash fictions, forthcoming from Dostoyevsky Wannabe in April 2020.

“Hammer & Piggy. “From Never Mind the Beasts, my novel in flash fictions, forthcoming from Dostoyevsky Wannabe in April 2020