Han Shan

Han Shan/Cold Mountain is a figure from the Chinese Tang Dynasty. His poetry is in the Taoist and Chan Buddhist tradition. No one knows who he was, when he lived and died, or whether he actually existed. He was a hermit and wrote his poems on rocks. Han Shan, jazz, Buddhism, and surrealism, were influencesContinue reading “Han Shan”


I have never been comfortable with money. The chasing it, living my life for numbers. In America, as an immigrant, I was saturated with the lack of it. Lower middle class, chasing the American dream, the endless informercials and my family trying so many pyramid schemes, doing the grunt work to make someone else wealthy,Continue reading “WHAT ARE HUNGRY MONSTERS?”


It is a saint day in East Madrid. The narrator learns Go Fish and King Alfred and peasants and burning cakes. The barbarians are at the gate. They learn to live simply. A true story. Is it Buddhism? Maybe! from my manuscript in progress Play Yr Kardz Right. https://player.vimeo.com/video/187478828 THE CAKES from JJMars on Vimeo.Continue reading “THE CAKES”