Super happy to have my poem “Feedback” in Poetry magazine. It is part of my manuscript The Green Monk, forthcoming from Boiler House Press in November 2018. It was composed while ingesting everything written by the great Lydia Davis. I can’t help wondering if some of her approach to writing leaked in there, but also otherContinue reading “WHAT IS INFLUENCE?”

The Corruption of the Poetry Foundation

“Kenny Goldsmith was correct in saying that poetry is fifty years behind visual art. Both he and the poetry foundation are, in a certain respect, the vanguard of poetry as it enters a phase wherein its absolute nullity is realized and becomes immediately displaced into these forceful gestures of grandeur which are not too differentContinue reading “The Corruption of the Poetry Foundation”

from Kent Johnson on the Poetry Foundation Chicago!!!

I take the liberty of forwarding this post by Ian Keenan. It concerns John Barr, the President of the Poetry Foundation. It appeared today at Montevidayo blog. It might give some “context” for comprehending why the Poetry Foundation Board is so loose and fast about trying to arrest and send to prison young poets whoContinue reading “from Kent Johnson on the Poetry Foundation Chicago!!!”