Recorded a wee poem . . back in another lifetime in my hick days in Hurricane Utah . . first loves and sherbets and walt whitman and deserts and rabbits and cricks and first kiss no tongue .. . HERE IS THE RECORDING: https://soundcloud.com/jjmars/somewhere-in-time

new rampike issue

happy for my work to be in great company. Peter Jaeger, Tim Atkins, Richard Parker, Amy De’Ath, Cathy Wagner, bill bissett, Sachiko Murakami and lots more . . My poem is “Song of the Open Road.” A creative translation of Walt Whitman. lots to explore . . Fantastic issue that opens up possibilities.  .  theContinue reading “new rampike issue”

mesh ups

The gym is the best way to combat wet and damp England. Now I can think. Reading Paul Legault’s The Other Poems today while watching John Wayne’s old California. I like the man with a toothache who is tamed by a woman who shoots her laundry off the line. There is a lot of playContinue reading “mesh ups”