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  • Aase Berg Surreal-Absurd Sampler

    Aase Berg Surreal-Absurd Sampler

    Some terrific dark surrealism from the Swedish poet Aase Berg over at Mercurius. In the 1990s Aase was a member of Surrealistgruppen in Stockholm. Lemurs and guinea pigs. Body horrors. Dark matter. The language dense and rich. Gothic post-human. Check out the poems over here

  • Matthew Haigh

    Matthew Haigh

    This week’s surreal-absurd sampler is Matthew Haigh. Poems that use the cut up technique and “centre around cult television shows with a warm, gay-icon slant (The Golden Girls and Murder, She Wrote respectively). Utilising the internet movie database (IMDB).”

  • Zachary Schomburg

    Zachary Schomburg

    I am editing a surreal-absurdist feature for Mercurius magazine. Every other Monday, I will feature an absurdist/surrealist writer to tickle your fancies. First up, we have Zachary Schomburg. A selection of prose poems from his book Fjords vol.2, forthcoming from Black Ocean in May 2021. Read the selection over here.

  • Ticks from Hareskov

    Ticks from Hareskov

    A selection of Grzegorz Wroblewski’s poetry (translated by Piotr Gwiazda) is now up at Mercurius Magazine from Barcelona. Check them out over here.

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