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  • Zachary Schomburg

    Zachary Schomburg

    I am editing a surreal-absurdist feature for Mercurius magazine. Every other Monday, I will feature an absurdist/surrealist writer to tickle your fancies. First up, we have Zachary Schomburg. A selection of prose poems from his book Fjords vol.2, forthcoming from Black Ocean in May 2021. Read the selection over here.


     Octopus Books will publish Wong May’s first book of poems since her last was published in 1978. It will be edited by Zachary Schomburg and Brandon Shimoda, and it is called Picasso’s Tears.I am def gonna grab Picasso’s Tears!!check out some of her awesome poetry in the new Octopus Mag over here: http://www.octopusmagazine.com/Issue16/may.php

  • Agnes the Elephant

    One of my fav poets. Zachary Schomburg. Reading over here for Likewise Folio (based in Provo, Utah not far from my parents. Hm.) Likewise Folio has some good stuff. Gonna read more of Likewise Folio soon. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/212094882/z%20schomburg%20%20final.mp3


    Mathias Svalina is the author of three books, most recently The Explosions from Subito Press. With Alisa Heinzman, Hajara Quinn & Zachary Schomburg he co-edits Octopus Books. Big Lucks will release his book Wastoid in 2014.check out the new Tenderloin. Poems, interview, sound of the very fabulous Mathias Svalina:http://www.tender-loin.com/svalina.html

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    American surrealism . . . zachary schomburg I need to get my hands on some of his books . .. and Cathy Wagner’s My New Job and Matthew Roher’s books . .. haven’t read Matthew Rohrer since 2005 when he came to Greensboro . . . Just read Maureen Owen’s Zombie Notes and loved it […]