The Green Monk Out Now!

The Green Monk is out in the world. Collaborations with the paintings of Dali and Leonora Carrington. The green parrots of Garcia Lorca and Paul Celan. The queer erotics of swans. The mysteries of milk in Madrid. Soul suckings. Bazaars and border fluencies. Nomadic surrealist prose poems written in Krakow, Katowice, Madrid, London and more. AndContinue reading “The Green Monk Out Now!”

"Žibutė" / 9 / Eileen Myles in Vilnius

Eileen Myles reading in Vilnius. Terrific! Expansive and open and generous. Her confidence is contagious. I think she opens up the space and all the people in that space. So many poetry readings feel closed and sometimes suffocating. We need more open spaces (in body, mind, and spirit). We need more expansive poetry and art.Continue reading “"Žibutė" / 9 / Eileen Myles in Vilnius”

my new book available for pre-order

  MY NEW BOOK AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW FROM POOR CLAUDIA. SUPER EXCITED. THEY MAKE SUPER HANDSOME HANDMADE LIMITED EDITIONS. It is called Mu (dream) So (Window). Part of my nomadic surrealist life project. No name but love, indeed, for Marcus Slease, in this exciting collection of small, surprising, lyrical poems which continue (very nicely,Continue reading “my new book available for pre-order”

heading into 2009

A need for order drives me to write. A need to map to frame to make the hidden manifest. To give flesh. The body manifest. To tap into my others. To become aware of how I am languaged. To dialogue with language itself. I moved away from specialized theory driven discourses because I felt itContinue reading “heading into 2009”


I was listening to Mipo radio last night and Amy King was interviewing Linh Dihn (you should check it out if you haven’t yet: Mipo Radio ) anyway, Linh mentioned being between cultures (Vietnam and America) and not being fully accepted or integrated into either. I can relate to that experience, although in my caseContinue reading “BORDERS AND IDENTITIES”