Poems written while living in South Korea. Or shortly after. Or much later. But inspired or recollected in tranquility, or not, a few years later. In either case, these are my nomadic surrealist poems from South Korea. They are called Mu (dream) so (window). Available from Poor Claudia (from Portland, OR). Clark Coolidge and PhilipContinue reading “THE WHALE BROUGHT TO SCALE”

my new book available for pre-order

  MY NEW BOOK AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW FROM POOR CLAUDIA. SUPER EXCITED. THEY MAKE SUPER HANDSOME HANDMADE LIMITED EDITIONS. It is called Mu (dream) So (Window). Part of my nomadic surrealist life project. No name but love, indeed, for Marcus Slease, in this exciting collection of small, surprising, lyrical poems which continue (very nicely,Continue reading “my new book available for pre-order”

Mu (Dream) So (Window) coming soon from Poor Claudia

delighted . . no more than delighted . . thrilled . ..  . . stoked beyond words . . . to have Mu (dream) So (Window). . . surreal poems written while living in South Korea . . . forthcoming from one of my favourite presses . . . poor claudia

from Hermit Kingdom (south korea 2006)

Still revising The Heyday. Lots of re-seeings, re-readings, re-samplings, mixings and so on. The Heyday (2005-2012) is travel writing. Basho.  Walt Whitman.  Herodotus. 18-19th travel handbooks, Buddhism, ethics and suffering and so on. My experiences in South Korea, Katowice Poland, Elblag Poland, Ankara Turkey, Rome yadda yadda . . . . Sometimes living in extremeContinue reading “from Hermit Kingdom (south korea 2006)”